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Lucky Hooves – changing the daily horse care duties.

Cleaning the box will be different from today on – it’s fast, easy and tidy.

We are passionate about horses and we therefore realize the importance of every little detail in preparing horses for successful performances and well-being in general. Choosing the right horse bedding is an important decision which has a direct impact, not only on your horse, but on your daily maintenance work as well. By choosing Lucky Hooves straw pellets we promise you a whole new experience, an experience where the time and effort spent in labour mucking the box is reduced to the minimum. Working with Lucky Hooves horse bedding will be an improvement for whomever is doing the labour. It will not only save time and effort, but also money! Furthermore, the hooves of your beloved horse deserve to rest on top quality Lucky Hooves straw pellets.

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Straw Pellets

Lucky Hooves for Horse Bedding

Lucky Hooves straw pellets is a high quality premium product developed especially with horses needs of a dry, clean and fresh environment in consideration. Furthermore, Lucky Hooves pelleted bedding guarantees a faster and easier clean-up process, a process that requires little to no effort, and the waste can be used as a fantastic fertilizer.

Lucky Hooves granulate is produced from the premium quality Lucky Hooves straw pellets which are crushed to a medium size fraction. It forms a ready-to-use and dense bedding layer with a non-slip surface. It absorbs more than 4 times faster compared to regular full-size straw pellets leaving the top layer nice and dry.

Lucky Hooves – the smart choice for horse bedding!

and pure
ready to use
Fast absorbency
Odour control
Reduced consumption

Special offer for stables – split your payments. Order horse bedding in bulk and pay for your order in split payments. Because of this special offer you can easily save both money and time.

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